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Impresión Huella Mascotas. No toxico

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Características: Grandes regalos conmemorativos

Material: Almohadillas desechables anti-Cruz de alta tecnología;
Uso: Las Manos de bebé no necesitan contactar con la tinta y pueden obtener una huella clara, sin ningún riesgo de seguridad;
Seguridad: Sin contaminación; Utiliza un proceso de producción especial, dejando una conservación clara, real y a largo plazo;
Prevención: Prevención efectiva de plomo y estímulos químicos y prevención de cruce.

Descripción: Tamaño: Dentro del tamaño del marco 9,5*5,7 cm
Tamaño total ;12,5*8cm (Bebé de 0 a 6 meses) (Mascotas de todas las edades)
Material: tinta de almohadilla de sello
Color: 6 colores disponibles
Cantidad: 1 Aceite de impresión + 2 hojas de papel

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jarrod Pacocha

I love it! It does not stain and is super easy and comfortable for both baby and pet footprints. Will I repeat?! I. Arrive in 10 days to Spain

Kenya Jaskolski

All right, you 've arrived before schedule.

Wilmer Marvin

Very happy with the product, I had already ordered it before and very well. Each kit gives for twice, not a third, because it gets blurry

Katrine Glover

It's an amazing gift! I bought it from a friend who's addicted to her cat and she's going to freak out when she sees it, she's going to freak out, she's got excellent quality with the embroidered details That's how it tastes! I also bought him a very cool wheel keychain as well but no doubt the cap is going to be the main attention. I can imagine her watching the races on weekends with the cap on. He arrived very quickly and has such colors in the photo, even better than what appears in the photo. I'm so glad.

Keenan Rempel

The shipment was very fast, and it works 100%, no stain, I loved it