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Palo Selfi Bluetooth con Luces

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Material: Aluminio
Origen: CN (origen)
Configurado para (Adaptación): SMARTPHONES
Longitud Plegada (mm): 185
Soporte de control remoto:
Comunicación: bluetooth
Peso (g): 214g
Longitud máxima extendida (mm): 660 mm
Longitud plegada (mm): 185 mm
Número de modelo: Selfie Stick LED Ring light Trípode en vivo extensible
Característica 1: palo de selfie
Característica 2: Selfie Stick inalámbrico Bluetooth
Característica 3: Trípode inalámbrico Bluetooth Selfie Stick con anillo de luz
Promesa: prueba del 100% antes del envío
Rango de clip de teléfono: 60-90 mm
Tamaño del palo: 185 a 660 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Benjamin Huels

thank you so much wow wow so beautiful and lovely l love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Janet Monahan

Loved, came well packaged and according to the description. Looks very tough and makes all the ad promises. Seller sent the product quickly. Highly recommend!

Clare Hahn

Very satisfied. Works great.

Minerva Kertzmann

I like it a lot. It arrived intact even though it doesn’t come with a box. The bluetooth works with my iphone.

Coby Hintz

The selfies pole arrived quickly and well protected in a thick layer of bubble paper. I could not make it work because there was no instructions but the seller quickly answered my questions when I contacted him. The only little concern concerns one of the two lamps that light less loud than the other but as they are rechargeable I wonder if it is not simply that it has discharged on the way.